About Us

We are Family Job, the alternative on personnel recruitment and selection market that connects demand with supply of labor. Our work has expanded gradually over a wide range of areas along with a growing demand for diverse workforce in EU countries, mainly Germany, and with Romanian employees’ increasing concern/interest and openness to new job opportunities.
We have built strong partnerships with a number of companies in Germany that ensures a steady demand for labor, both skilled and unskilled, on a wide range of areas, so we can come before those interested in a change with stable proposals of wage income possibilities accompanied by advantageous benefit packages.
In Germany we are present in two of the most important economic centers of the country, Bayern and Munich, but also in Augsburg. Together with our partners in these areas we are looking for reliable opportunities for Romanian candidates specializing in the fields of activity of employers. Thus, we successfully completed the recruitment and selection processes for very diversified majors, the most common being in the medical area, medical assistants and nurses, and home care.
Our business is highly concentrated in the country, particularly in Timisoara, Baia Mare and Satu Mare. In the country, we have a wide range of jobs availability, extended to key positions in business administration from secretarial work and assistant manager, accounting, economic positions, positions in human resources departments, to management positions in top companies.
Our values are moving towards perfect synchronization between employer’ requirements and employee expectations, so cooperation between the two sides starts in best conditions and be mutually profitable. We stand by both sides throughout the process of recruitment and selection, offering expert advice, so that at the moment of conclusion of a contract terms of collaboration are clear, and the parties know their rights and obligations.
We rely on strategic thinking, based on a medium and long-term plan with clear objectives which are met gradually. Therefore we are able to provide both employers and candidates reliable solutions for their qualifications and needs.
Family Job is the vision of Ramona Marica, psychologist specializing in human resources, with extensive experience in human resources, experience gained in dynamic HR departments in multinational companies, but also from the position of external consultant for small and medium enterprises. In these positions was faced with complex situations and issues arising in the context of recruitment and selection.